(Starting note: I’m trying really hard to refrain from saying “tbh”) I’m roughly a month into summer and I’ve fallen into a pit of despair with no motivation to drag me out. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. I do have some things running for me, such as Maui in July with my mom and sister and an international piano competition in August. Nonetheless, staying at home with no mandatory work schedule really has me hopelessly binge watching Grey’s Anatomy for hours on end.

However, starting this blog was a spark that I’m hoping will ignite a fire. This blog was inspired by Destiny. She’s so liberated and fearless, I love her.

I’m going to be writing for my school publication “El Estoque” this fall, which I’m super excited about. Hopefully this blog will guide me in the right direction. Oh, and a warning: I’ll have absolutely no filter.