Why spend $20 on a store-bought flower case when you can make one yourself? It’s easier than it seems. Let’s get started.


1. Pressed Flowers

To get pressed flowers, simply go outside and find any colorful & vibrant flowers. Then, lay them on a tissue (tissues without any designs, as they may end up pressed on the flowers) and put it in a book. Stack heavy things on top of the book and wait for around 5 days for the flower to be completely pressed.


2. Clear Phone Case

Pretty self explanatory.


3. Clear Gel Glue

I used Elmer’s gel glue. It dries clear.


4. Plastic Vinyl

Ziploc bags, etc.


Time to start!

1. Apply glue to the inside of the case

Put a small amount, then spread it. You want a thin layer, not a glob.


2. Carefully lay the flowers down (using tweezers is a good idea)

Remember, the side of the flower that you want to display should not be facing you.


3. Wait for the glue to dry


4. Cut the plastic to fit the case

You don’t have to pull out a ruler and get the exact measurements. Just make sure the plastic doesn’t stick out.


5. Glue the plastic on top of the flowers

Apply glue on the blank spaces and corners.

FullSizeRender (2)

6. Wait for the glue to dry

It takes around 30-45 min, depending on your glue.


7. Voila!

Remember to be careful while putting the case on. The flowers are still very fragile.