When I think of “growing up”, I don’t think of dealing with taxes or paying rent for my apartment. I think of where I would be and who would be around me. I think of all the opportunities that I would be offered and people I’d meet. Would I have pets? Would I live in San Francisco or  New York?

I get excited just thinking about these questions; but at the same time, I’m scared. Not of my newfound responsibilities, but of time slipping away. Lost time can never be found. I won’t be a teenager for long. 4 years looks like enough when you count the days, but it doesn’t feel like enough.

These seconds and minutes and hours I spend doing anything will fade into nothingness. At some point, we all want to press the rewind or stop button, but our lives aren’t films and our actions can never be undone.

The thing with time is this. It disappears, but we discredit a huge tool which compensates for the loss. Our brains. Our lives are in our brain. Your childhood lives as memories in your brain, as well as that time you embarrassed yourself in front of your crush.

So, you shouldn’t be scared of losing time, and you should never be apologetic for losing track of it. Because 10 times out of 10, you were making memories that will live forever in the space between your ears.

Be as excited as you want for your future, because life is a bitch for setting a time limit.