I need feminism because I need to be able to feel safe enough to take out the trash at night. I need feminism to avoid being cat called. I need feminism so that should the day come that I be sexually assaulted, I’ll be able to see my attacker face more than 6 months in jail. I need feminism because from a young age, I was taught that I wasn’t and will never be as good at my male counterparts.

But you? Whatever gender you may be, you should also need feminism. Sure, it may not affect you directly, but without it, we’d be living in a world of inequality and injustice(not to mention pissing off 50% of the world )

“Boys will be boys”—everyone has heard this sometime in their life. For me, I’ve heard this so often as a kid that it has ceased to phase me. Whenever a boy hit me or stole my toy and I told on him, adults would tell me, “boys will be boys”. If I did the same to a boy, I would be told to act like a lady and play by myself. So, 6 year old me forever had the implication that while I had to remain composed, I also had to tolerate any sort of abuse that came from boys. That boy on the other hand, received no punishment or discipline to even remind him that what he did was wrong.

This translates to ignorance in their minds when they grow older. They were never told that their behavior was bad, so why would they behave otherwise? Ignorance and obligation go hand in hand. An obligation to remain tough, and always right.

None of us come out of the womb thinking that we’re any different than the baby born next door. That is the case, until you get introduced to your blue/pink nursery and knight/princess baby shoes and suddenly you’re told by the world that you are a boy/girl.

Girls can’t be muscular, but boys can.

Girls can’t show their nipples, but boys can.

Girls can’t be rough, but boys can.

Boys can’t cry, but girls can.

Boys can’t be seen as “soft”, but girls can.

Boys can’t be bad at sports, but girls can.

So, my case for feminism is this: feminism calls for equality, and if you don’t see that the world is CLEARLY unequal, then you are standing on the side of the oppressor. Equality is what makes it possible for you to find who you are and what you love, regardless of what labels society put on you as a baby.